TNHS AP Lang Summer Reading Page

Welcome to the summer reading assignments page!

Summer reading is essential to staying "in the groove" while you aren't in school.

By choosing a book that is appealing, you can stay interested longer and find more things to discuss when you meet with your classmates for the first time. When we meet as a class, we will discuss all three books and will identify major themes and rhetorical strategies used by the authors. Please click here for the specific writing assignment associated with your book/documentary.

Information about the Titles

Each nonfiction book has been published within the last 10 years or is commonly assigned in many school districts and are available at the TNHS media center. Additionally, these books can easily be found and purchased on and on if you prefer to own your own copy.

The documentaries are all available on Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant video and can be streamed free if you are a member or can be rented online for a fee if you are not. If you have any questions about how to apply for a Netflix or Amazon Prime account, please contact Ms. Green using the contact information at the bottom of this flyer. I also have information about 6 months of free Amazon Prime access for students.

There are two themes to choose from. You should select one (1) book and one (1) documentary film from one (1) of the thematic areas. You will complete a writing assignment after reading the novel/viewing the film.

Book Selections

Documentary Selections

Contact me if you have any questions!

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