Lincoln's Assassination

Grand master minded plot, or not?

Lincoln's assassination was the result of a grand master minded plot!

Reason #1:You need a good plan in order to know where he is at a given time.

Evidence#1:John Wilkes Both knew the play at Ford's theater. He also knew what time the play started and ended exactly and the entire theater inside and out.

Evidence #2:John Wilkes Booth knew where Lincoln was going to be in the theater at what time he would enter and stay.

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Reason #2:You need trusty allies to help you succeed in the plan and escape.

Evidence#1:Samuel Mud told the police that strangers were in need of a farm.

Evidence#2:Lee Harvey Oswald killed John F Kennedy but got caught right away because he had no escape plan or allies.

Still doubting???

Counterclaim#1:John Wilkes Booth did it all on his own with no allies.

Rebuttal:John Wilkes Booth had to have allies because he was part of the Confederate Secret Service, worked with David Herold, Lewis Powell, got information with Andrew Johnson, etc.

Counterclaim#2:It was so easy to assassinate Lincoln because he was such an easy target so you don't need a plan.

Rebuttal:You may be able to kill Lincoln easily having such an easy target but you still need an escape plan because the escape was not easy with all the guards and protection.
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Overall, Abraham Lincoln was an amazing president so lets remember his life before death.