The Three Christians

By Lane Woodruff

William Conqueror

Born on 1027in France, and died in September 9, 1087. William was the son of Robert I, the duke of Normandy. He succeeded his father as duke in 1035, he put down rebel elements of the douchy who questioned his right to rule. He then conquered the country of maine in 1063.

Memorable Moments

William organizedhis new territory across the channel carefully. He allowed the Anglo-Saxons to keep most of their own statutes and courts. Between 1085 and 1086 he commisioned a county-by-county assessment of his english relm. This detailed census became known as the Doomsday Book.


When William became ruler of the Anglo-Saxon throne he invaded the island kingdom. He won a brilliant victory at Hastings that same year and on Christmas Day he was crowned king of england in Westminster Abbey. William had a distaste for his newly acquired kingdom, and he decided to rule it from Normandy.

King John


Born December 24, 1167 and died October 19, 1216. He was maried to Isabella of Angouleme. Was the youngest son of King Henry II of England.