The Battle of Yorktown

The Revolutionary War

The last battle begins.

George Washington joined his soldiers when building a trench. The battle lasted a long time. Washington ordered a night attack. The attack was successful. In less than a hour they had the British outrun.
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Support from the French.

The French sent 3,000 troops by Williamsberg, then they waited until Washington arrived. The battle started and 17,000 American and French troops surrounded the British.

September 1781

The battle started in September, 1781.

The Surrender.

General George Cornwallis surrendered to Washington at Yorktown in October. One of the British officers stood on a hill, waving a white handkerchief. It was a message from Cornwallis.
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The Battle.

The battle of Yorktown was the very last major battle of the Revolutionary War. Because of the surrender of General Lord Cornwallis, the British knew they lost there colonies.

Where the Battle took Place.

The battle of Yorktown was in Yorktown, Virginia.
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The Reason.

The reason for the battle was so that the Patriots could win the war and defeat Cornwallis' army.


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