Area A

Technology Highlights

These are just some of the Technology "happenings" within Area A schools.

Hastings Ninth Grade Center

  • AV Arts students Won Teen Safe Driving Campaign Video Contest 1st and 3rd place with cash prizes from Vietnamese Culture & Science Association
  • PAWS committee created a No Tardy Video for students
  • AV Arts Students created STAAR Videos to promote passing the STAAR test
  • Social Studies class video conference with University of Indiana grad student on the British Monarchy

Boone Elementary

  • Robotics Club using Lego WeDo
  • Family Tech Night where teachers modeled a variety of web 2.0 tools, resources, and technology integration
  • Fun Tech Friday with a 4th grade class modeling and guiding students to a variety of apps for products/presentation.

Kerr High School

  • Fourteen staff members attended the Texas Computer Educators Association conference and two also represented the campus by presenting sessions.
  • Five teachers received technology-oriented grants this year for projects in engineering, science, video technology, computer science, and college and career preparation.
  • Kerr added 209 pieces of technology to the campus in addition to the normal replacement cycle.

Klentzman Intermediate

  • We started a Klentzman Student Technology Club and met weekly in the spring. Several students also participated in the District Student Technology Council.

Youngblood Intermediate

  • 24 teachers provided their students/classes 45+ video conferences/video-collaborations- everything from the pro Football Hall of Fame, to various museums and national parks across the country, to classes around the world including several locations in Canada and even the Czech Republic

  • Technology-integrated STAAR Wars camp activities for the first time

  • Youngblood Student STEM Conference was held with several technology-integrated lessons over the course of the week, including 2-3 different coding classes daily

Smith Elementary

  • Smith Elementary held our Family Technology Night. During this time we showcased all of the technology being used by our teachers and students. The parents also had the chance to participate and “try” some of our technology tools.
  • ALL of our Smith teachers are now Level One certified and have YouTube access for classroom purposes.

Sneed Elementary

  • Teachers began to use to send out information to parents. Teachers were trained and created their classes and shared important information with the parents
  • During Technology Night parents were presented with all the available resources for them to use at home with their students. They also previewed the grade level class pages were resources and information was updated frequently.

Horn Elementary

  • Horn 4th graders participated in the largest learning event in history. It reached tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. They joined students all over the world for an Hour of Code. They had the opportunity to learn about Computer Science and programmed for 1 hour.
  • A Pilot project through the Grant Students as Contributors was started. The studio crew produced videos that correlate with the school curriculum, demonstrating what they learn.

Chambers Elementary

  • Chambers elementary installed ceiling mounted digital projectors in every classroom
  • Wall mounted 32" LCD Televisions and interactive whiteboards were installed in every classroom
  • 45 new iPads were purchased for a mobile computer lab

Alexander Elementary

  • Alexander received an Alief Education Foundation Mini-Grant for STEM materials that will be located in the Maker-space in the library.
  • Twitter was used extensively on our campus by staff, families, and our community partners this year. This helped forge bonds with our families and the larger Alief community. With 400 followers, we know we are only going to continue using this program to communicate all the great things that we do daily to our families, the community and the world at large

Olle Middle School

  • An Olle WOW Science teacher utilized the flipped classroom model while out on maternity leave. Students used video for understanding of the objective and lesson. Students worked in class with independent practice and group work.
  • With a focus on STEM, teachers integrated technology with their students through BYOD