Top 10 facts

about tupac

10. Legend

Tupac’s “Dear Mama” was added to the National Recording Registry in 2010, making 2pac the third rapper behind Grandmaster Flash.

9. Early career

Tupac's mother enrolled him in Harlem's 127th Street Repertory Ensemble. His first acting role was portraying Travis from the play "A Raisin in The Sun." Later on he started out as a second-string rapper and dancer for Oakland rap group Digital Underground, joining only after they had already landed their biggest hit.

8. Love life

In 1994, Tupac dated Madonna, who reportedly wanted to have his baby. Tupac apparently dumped her after his homegirls began questioning why he was going out with a white girl.

7. Sales

2Pac has sold over 75 million records worldwide, after he died. Seven of his 11 platinum albums were released posthumously. As recently as 2007 Shakur’s estate banked $9 million.

6. Movies

Tupac was cast in the movies "Cool Runnings," & "Higher Learning," and also the movie "How To Be A Player" before his untimely death. Shakur was also casted in the movie "Woo," but was shot a few days before principal photography began.

5. Baby's names

Tupac allegedly wanted to name his first child Star if it was a daughter, and Michelangelo if it was a boy.

4. Favorite actor

Tupac's favorite actor was Jim Carrey.

3. Favorite singer

He said that the artist formerly known as Prince inspired him, and sampled some of his tracks on the "All Eyez On Me" album. Shakur mentioned in an MTV interview that "[Prince] loves women like I love women."

2. First video

Tupac's first music video appearance was on Digital Underground's "Same Song."

1. Shooting

In November 1994, he was robbed and shot five times in the lobby of a New York recording studio. Dexter Isaac has recently confessed to the shooting and claimed he carried it out on the orders of record executive James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosemond.


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