who I am

my intrests are technology, fourwheeling, duck hunting, and trap. my skills are shooting and driving. I value god and family. My self esteem is a happy medium. My learning style is very slow paste. because you don't want a career you hate.

where I'm going

My career as a Petroleum Engineer

My career as a petroleum engineer

  • Job description

  • A petroleum engineer is involved in nearly all of the stages of oil and gas field evaluation, development and production. The aim of their work is to maximise hydrocarbon recovery at minimum cost while maintaining a strong emphasis on reducing environmental impact.
    • Median Salary (annually)
    • On average, Petroleum Engineers earn $108,910 per year

    • Job Outlook
    • Many petroleum engineers work on new product development. During the process they consider precise functional requirements, design, and overall effectiveness, cost, safety and reliability

    • Cluster

    • Agriculture, Food, and Natural resources
    • Work Schedule

    • A 40-hour workweek is standard for petroleum engineers, though deadlines can cause longer hours on occasion.
    • Work Environment
    • Most petroleum engineers work in plants, labs or office. However some work outside at oil and gas exploration and production sites, monitoring and directing operations or solving onsite problems. Some petroleum engineers must travel extensively here and abroad to plants or worksites

    how do I get there

    I want to go to the University of Dallas.

    In Texas.

    Because Texas has good money for what I want.

    its close to home.

    I will need a bachelors degree.

  • Total One Academic Year Cost
  • All Residents: $42,160
  • Cost Itemization
  • Tution for all Residents: $29,140
  • Room and Board or estimated off campus living expense: $9,890
  • Books and Supplies: $1,200
  • Other Fees: $1,930.

  • acidemic scolorship only.