David Suzuki


All about David Suzuki

David Suzuki was born March 24, 1936. He is a Canadian academic, science broadcaster and environmentalist activist. Suzuki earned his PhD in zoology from the university of Chicago in 1961. he was also a professor in university of British Columbia. David Suzuki and well know from his TV ,and radio serious (Davids hosts a show called The Nature of Things on CBC) . He has also written lots of books based on environmental and nature. He has won two awards in 2006 and another in 2009 the two awards were Bradford Washburn Award and the Right Livelihood award.

what David Suzuki has done

David Suzuki Foundation is David's foundation that educates people on environmental and climate changes in Canada and around the world. The David Suzuki Foundation was founded in 1990 and has achieved great success as a platform for promoting sustainable living, protecting and reconnecting with nature, protecting the climate, improving transportation and educating people about living healthier lives.

What David Suzuki do for the environment.

David Suzuki is a biologist. He is also an environmentalist. He's written numerous books on going green and tried to clear up the misinformation floating around the Internet. He has given people information on conserving energy. He is also well known for his work as an environmentalist and left-wing political activist. He writes a weekly newspaper column and can often be seen petitioning the government and participating in anti war rallies. His foundation helps raise awareness of nature.

Professor David Suzuki speaks out against GMO's