DC Staff Update

11 October 2015

I'm grateful this week for...

Your exceptional effort and support over the past ten weeks. While we are heading to mid-term break, it has really been the equivalent of a full term with regards to the number of weeks and events. Thanks everyone for your hard work throughout, in particular the recent things events including our University Fair, Primary Swimming Carnival, Y3 & Y6 Camps, Season 1 Cobra Sports and our upcoming Maths Week.

Please have a relaxing and safe holiday wherever you may be, and for many of our support staff who do not get next week off, have enjoyable Chung Yeung Festival on Wednesday 21 October.

Head of Secondary

The process for selecting our new Head of Secondary is well underway. We received a strong field of 67 applications for the role, which was reduced to 16 people. After an initial assessment, the number was further reduced to 8 long-listed candidates who had a Skype or face-to-face interview a couple of week ago. From this, we have ended up with 3 short listed candidates who have been invited to final interviews over Sunday 1 to Tuesday 2 November. I am very pleased to announce the final 3 as:
  • Vania Tiatto (formally the DC Head of Primary);
  • Brian McCann (our current Secondary VP/DP Coordinator); and
  • James Smith (VP at ESF KGV).

Vania, Brian and James will be present in the school on the Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 November to meet with stakeholder groups around a set of conversations and tasks. They will also be asked to present to all interested staff after school on the Monday. Please diary this in advance. Other meetings scheduled for after school on the Monday have been moved.

Recruitment 2016-17

Emails will be going out this week to teachers with contracts up for renewal next August 2016, however, I am asking all teachers who may be considering leaving DC next year to please contact me. It may be simply a thought at the moment, or you may have decided that you will be going. Either way it would be very helpful if you could let me know.


The PTA AGM (Annual General Meeting) will be held in the Staff Room this coming Wednesday at 6.30pm. Teachers are represented by three staff reps on the PTA and for 2014-15 your reps have been Terry Evans, Elaine Leung and Sue Thomas. They have done a great job in supporting so many initiatives including the PTA Grants, Class Parent Reps, funding for the Student Council, Family Fun Day, Cultural Fest, etc.

Sue and Terry are keen to remain on the PTA, while Elaine has decided to stand down after 4 years of great service. I have one person already keen to step up into that position, however, If anyone else is interested can you please email me by tomorrow.

Developing a flourishing DC community

The Wellbeing (Flourishing School) Lead Team has adopted the model (on right) of Positive Education for DC as a tool to review our current position and guide our future direction.

The Lead Team will survey our whole community (students, staff and parents) using a 'School Wellbeing Checklist'. This information will be gathered over three weeks immediately after mid-term break using Ob Survey through my weekly Update, the Explorer and student surveys. This will give us information on how we are doing in relation to:

  • Positive leadership
  • Positive emotion
  • Positive communication
  • Positive behaviour
  • Positive strengths
  • Positive relationships

Please note that the next whole school staff meeting scheduled for Monday 26 October is postponed to a date later this term (TBC) in order to allow time to first gather this information. If any staff are interested in joining the Lead Team please email Tracey.

Social Club Fees & staff Christmas Party

Please get these paid prior to the end of this week so that the Social Club can focus on other things. Remember also to diary our staff Christmas Party on Friday 4 December.

This week

There are a few things happening this week as we head to mid-term break:
  • Belinda Greer (ESF CEO) and Abraham Shek (ESF Board Chair) will be at DC tomorrow during Blocks 1&2 to meet with our new teachers. This will be Abraham's first visit to DC
  • Maths Week will run this week with a range of activities in and out of classrooms.
  • Y6 Camp from Tuesday-Friday. Best of luck to the students, staff and parents helping on this camp
  • Birthday morning tea on Wednesdat at 10.25am
  • PTA AGM on Wednesday night at 6.30pm
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