Haffer's Happenings

February 12,2016

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has had a good week. If you are interested in donating to sponsor a blanket, please send in your money as soon as possible.

Keep reading and logging your minutes on the Six Flags reading forms. They are due later this month.

Each child's reading and sight word goals have been updated in his/her folder. Keep working with your child at home so they can meet their individual goals.

No School on Monday

Field Trip permission slips & money due by Tuesday, Feb. 16th

Field Trip-Friday, February 19th bring a sack lunch

Sight Words/Phonics

Sight Words- last weeks words were or, come, went and this weeks words were little, with, his. Next week we will learn the words good, new, our

Phonics- we have been practicing the digraphs /sh/ as in the words ship and wash and /ch/ as in chair and much. The children are identifying and writing words with those sounds as well as telling if the digraph is at the beginning or end of the word.


We continue to practice making connections and predictions about our reading. The children have been working to ask and answer questions(who, what, where, when, why and how) about key details in a text. In small reading groups the children continue to practice those skills as well as sight words, reading fluency, and strategies to figure out unknown words.


This week we have used a variety of fiction and nonfiction books to talk about the sun. The children have been using the information from the books to complete a KWL(things I Know, Want to learn, and things I Learned) Chart. They they take the information they have learned to write a nonfiction book of their own about the sun. They are working at writing at least 3 informational sentences on the same topic(The Sun), with finger spacing between words, capitalization at the beginning of the sentence, sight words spelled correctly, and end marks at the end of each sentence.


We began a unit practicing different ways to make the numbers 4 - 10 and writing number equations to show these numbers. The children are exploring the different ways to show a number, for example: 4=1+3; 4=2+2; 4=4+0.