The Doll House Murders

By Betty Ren Wright

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The Dollhouse Murders

Who was the murder?What did he want?Did he want there money or what but why did he kill them aunt Clare kept thanking it was there worker Reuben I guess he wanted there money but why did he kill them I guess he just wanted to for some reason but aunt Clare always thought that it was her fault because her boyfriend cause one night he brought her home and he had been drinking and she brought him in side with her and her mom and dad didn't like him cause he had been drinking and so they told her to stop seeing him and she didn't so she kept seeing him and some how her mom and dad found out some how so they all had a long talk one night and then they didn't like him at all no more but they kept seeing each other though, then there was a broken and that person killed the grandpa and the grandma the grandpa was up stairs in the bedroom and the grandma was killed down stairs and the boy was hidden in a wooden cabnite in the parlor
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