My Weekends

Kara L sherrington

What We Do

On the weekend I usually go to my dads house and stay there for Saturday and Sunday. Most of the time we go outside and build things or even fix our tractors. at night we usually wait for Missy, my step mom, to get home. she does not get home until 11:00 at night so when we wait for her we always play video games on the Xbox like minecraft or gears of war. Sometimes we also go downstairs and hang out. Downstairs we have an air hockey table and a pool table, we also have movie theatre style couches and a flat screen TV!
On Minecraft we have whole town with my dads house and a mini village for when we have friends visit and they do not have a house yet. Missy also has a house in the jungle floor, mine is a tree house, and my dads is inside of a mountain. On Gears of War My dad is level 69 and that took him about 4 months, Missy is level 67 and that took her about 4 months, and I am level 29 and that took me about 1 month! We love to hang out together, have fun, and beat each other at video games!