Planet Dubyk

By: Mathew Dubyk

Information about my Planet

Star Type: Yellow Star

Orbit: 1.25 AU

Planet Mass: 10

Volcanoes: Yes

Plate Movements: Yes

Liquid Water: Yes

Producers: Yes, My planet will have humans, prey, and predators to balance the life of the planet. It has every animal earth has.

Planets Tilt: 35 degrees.

This planet will mostly be like earth and the seasons will be the exact same.

My planet has 1 moon. The moon will greatly affect my tides. During high tide the wave will be higher and low tide would be lower. My moon would go in counter clock-wise

Weight of my planet and Galaxy

My planets weight is 6.100E00 kg and its weight would kind of be like the earths weight because the earths weight is 5.972E24 kg.

My Galaxy is the Reese's Way Galaxy it has 4 other planets in it. Its is the 4th planet from the sun.

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