News from Mrs. Drudy 02/08/2016

"We exist so children can excel."

What We're Learning in 6th Grade Language Arts

Simple 6 Writing

We are shifting gears into an intense writing unit. As you know, the dreaded ISTEP test is looming. We are going to attack the writing head-on. I've told the students that it's "Crunch Time" and we're going to transform ourselves into the best writers we can possibly be. As a result, we will be spending an enormous amount of class time dedicated to the Simple 6, a student-friendly way to look at the six components of good writing as it's recognized by our Indiana Academic Standards. As a result, the amount of homework that students have will be significantly reduced.

Please know that, while I take my responsibility of teaching your child the Indiana Academic Standards very seriously, I always let my students know, "You are so much more to me than a test score." I mean that.

Spelling Words: -ate, -ive, -ship

Generalization When adding suffixes -ate or -ive, drop the e in base words ending in e: active, activate. When adding -ship, make no changes to the base word: friend, friendship.

Phonics Words

1. activate

2. negative

3. friendship

4. objective

5. representative

6. attractive

7. creative

8. membership

9. partnership

10. compassionate

11. fortunate

12. considerate

13. secretive

14. scholarship

15. restrictive

16. affectionate

17. cooperative

18. originate

19. township

20. relationship

Challenge Words

21. alienate

22. affirmative

23. dictatorship

24. championship

25. rehabilitate

As always, students may practice these words via

COSI on Wheels

The Center of Science and Industry, or COSI, will be visiting MCS on Thursday, February 18th! COSI on Wheels will be bringing "The Incredible Human Machine," a high-energy, 45-minute assembly followed by a day of hands-on activities that enhance science inquiry skills and encourage continued learning.

We need your help! A critical part of this program is the adult volunteers (ages 16 and up) who help with hands-on sessions. Volunteers are important to help provide a quality hands-on experience for students.

Many people think they must be an expert in science to lead a COSI activity. This is simply NOT the case. Volunteers' main job is to have FUN! It is meant to be a learning experience for all: students, teachers, and volunteers. Please contact Molly Newkirk at if you are willing to assist with this exciting day.

Notes from the Teacher

Coming Up:

Wednesday, Feb. 17th: A.P.P.L.E.S. Meeting 3:15 MCS Cafeteria

Thursday, Feb. 18th: COSI on Wheels

Friday, Feb. 19th: Yearbook Orders Due