An Adventure In The City Of Toronto

Learn all about the city of Toronto and it's land uses

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Toronto vs. Suburbans

There are many different things about downtown Toronto vs. the suburban areas. The first thing is there are many more people there. The population is very high compared to the suburbs because instead of spreading out the houses throughout the land, the homes of citizens are stacked up into apartments. If there's more population there's more growth throughout Toronto Because The residents need necessities to survive, which causing business to grow. There many commercial stores that are different and organize items differently from Mississauga for example, when I was walking through the streets of Toronto I noticed that the food was kept outside of the stores rather than inside, like Mississauga. Commercial land use like malls and plazas are much more bigger in the suburban areas than in urban areas because suburbans areas have more space than urban areas because some of the malls and stores are remote from the residential areas for example the popular store/gym called Lifetime fitness. Suburban areas have much more open space than Toronto because there are less factories, business buildings and companies in the suburban area and because there are more parks and playgrounds. there are more trees around the suburbs in resulting to have cleaner air in the suburbs. I believe there is more pollution in Toronto because there are more factories but, on the other hand ,if you live in a suburban area than you have to drive everywhere to your destination. There might be an even amount of pollution. Suburban are a peaceful area to live in where as the city is awake at night and day, it's always in a rush.

Transportation Land use

Transportation is a big part every city, especially Toronto with tourist's, business workers. Toronto has many transportation uses such as Streetcars as you see in the picture and buses, Trains, subways, roads etc. These streetcars are powered by electricity so they are more eco friendly because they aren't polluting the air. Suburban areas don't have these street cars most of the transportation there is either by bus, car and subways. Most of the transportation is to help get residents from place to place or ship food, toys or any other items. As many things do transportation plays a part in the city of Toronto and helps it proceed from today to tomorrow.

The Big City Of Toronto

There are many interesting facts I learned about Toronto

I actually learned a lot than I expected, for one thing I did learn that there are a lot of land uses in Toronto and they each play a part to make the city of Toronto more and more successful each day of the year and also helps the community within Toronto. Lets say if one land use wasn't workings than the community would have a had time but, It also depends on the land use for example if it were Industrail land use than like electric plants than the city wouldn't be able to work because most of our items these days are runned by electricity and if something were to happen to the electric plants than it would be very difficult. If it were commercail land use that was not funtioning properly than we would proberly able to survive. Another thing I have learned is how they sustain space in Toronto, I saw a commercail land use underneath a university. That savered a lot of space because a universuty takes as much of a space as a store does. One other thing I learned was where the types of land uses were located in Toronto. If there was an open space land use it would near the recedentional land use reather than write in the middle of sky scraper.Going on this trip to Toronto was very exciting and very educational I learned many things during this trip.

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This video explains the types of land uses and what might be active during young dundas street