Tom harkin

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Tom Harkins

Tom is a farm if you did not know.right now Tom is trying to teach his son how to farm.tom Hawkins is a very nice guy and he helps a lot!i hope Tom has a good life and I hope he keeps doing as good as he is doing now.tom harkens was born in 1933 Tom harkens came from a very modest family.tom flew in the navy and was a jet pilot that would be fun!tom when to dc in 1969.he would be lucky to be in DC.In 1974, Tom was elected to Congress from Iowa's Fifth Congressional District. His energetic, person-to-person campaign carried the day against an incumbent in a long-standing Republican district.

In 1972, Tom and Ruth graduated in the same class at Catholic University of America Law School in Washington, D.C. They returned to Iowa and settled in Ames. Tom worked with Polk County Legal Aid, assisting low-income Iowans who could not afford legal help. Ruth won election as Story County Attorney, becoming the first female elected to this position.As a young senator, Tom was tapped by Senator Ted Kennedy to craft legislation to protect the civil rights of millions of Americans with physical and mental disabilities. Tom knew firsthand about the challenges facing people with disabilities from his late brother, Frank, who was deaf from an early age. What emerged from that process would later become Tom's signature legislative achievement.Tom also led the fight to lift former President Bush's restrictions on .which shows great promise for new treatments of conditions like Parkinson's, spinal cord injuries.Also tom thought that we could make a sickness care.