News & Notes

Grade 3 ~ September 16th

Current Unit

Theme: How We Express Ourselves

Central Idea:

Stories can be expressed in a variety of ways for different purposes.

Lines of Inquiry:

How stories are told

Purposes of storytelling

Interpretations of literature

Approaches to Learning:

Communication Skills

Thinking Skills

Social Skills

Key Concepts:




This Week

We started looking into sound, volume, and pitch with some background reading. It allowed us to work on our writing skill of using complete sentences. Our math toolboxes are filling up with different strategies for adding and subtracting. Challenge your child to think about problems differently than just the standard algorithm. We read a lot this week! Melody has started inclusion classes in Out Of My Mind. We decided to learn friendly letter format in order to write a letter to a character in the book or the author herself. We read One Grain Of Rice to inspire an addition math challenge and make connections to our IB Unit: How We Express Ourselves. We also looked at four different versions of The Three Little Pigs, including a sign language version, to help delve deeper into our third line of inquiry: Interpretations of Literature. We used Yesterday I Had the Blues to discuss how colors in art can convey meaning, and to inspire our own versions! Look for a class book rotating home soon! :D

At Home Pep Talks

I'd like to share a few topics each week that would be great conversation starters for at home, based on how our week has gone! This week's topics:

- Integrity

- Mealtime Manners

- "Oneness with Diversity" - The theme for this year's International Day of Peace

Reading Logs

Red Reading Logs have been added to homework folders to track the books they are reading. We discussed them in class today before adding them in. Please go over it with your child and let me know if you have any questions. It's very informal, but will be used with I confer with them about their reading.

Your actions speak so loud I cannot hear what you are saying. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

Action - If you child took action over the summer and you have not shared it with us yet, please do so! We'd love to feature them on our school-wide Action Board.

Next Week

Next week we are going to delve into a literature inquiry using versions of Cinderella from all around the world. It will help us to deeply apply our thinking from all three lines of inquiry and our central idea. We will soon be moving into bar models with math as we continue working with addition and subtraction. Looking first at examples provided will be extremely helpful for learning how to utilize bar models. Our background knowledge about sound from this week will guide us to more hands on investigations next week. The 21st is the International Day of Peace, and we will have a special school-wide celebration that day.

Unit 2 Math Terms

mental math


number bond

bar model

making a ten

part-whole model


comparison model


more than


less than