Uncle Tom's Cabin



Although slaves were seen by many whites as being subhuman, slaves themselves realized their own claim to humanity and wanted it to be universally recognized.

Amy Wang

a) These images show that despite there being many whites who viewed their slaves, or black people in general, as below them, there were also those who interacted with blacks as fellow people. Additionally, several of the illustrations and images we looked at depicted the slaves saving white people. Although they were mistreated and not treated as fellow humans, the blacks showed sympathy for their owners.

b) The most surprising thing about the images was that even though Uncle Tom’s Cabin is an anti-slavery book, several of the ads and shows were blatantly racist and depicted blackface.

Pooja Kumar

a) Many of the images were of slaves subordinating themselves to their owners willingly, and not necessarily by the use of force. One image in particular showed a slave saving Eva from the water and lifting her up to safety. This selfless act shows how the slave put his owners before himself.

b) The most surprising thing for me was that the images were very varied in style and color. Considering that these were all made for the same book, it was interesting to see how the same scenes and characters were drawn in different ways.