The French Gazette

Second Grade - October 2015


Dear Families,

Second grade students are off to a great start in French this year! I meet with each class twice a week for 25 minutes. During that time we complete projects, sing, and play games that encourage speaking and interacting in the target language. This newsletter will be delivered to your inbox once a month with photos, sound clips and vocabulary words to show you what we're learning in the French room.

For the past several weeks, we have been learning and reviewing French greetings and conversation questions and answers. We also spent time going over colors and numbers (1-30). In addition to continuing to review the themes mentioned above, we will be learning numbers 10-100 counting by 10's and focusing on school supplies and classroom directions. We will also begin to study food vocabulary in preparation for our cafe unit in November!

Please feel to contact me with any questions or comments. I have so enjoyed getting to know your children these past several weeks, and I look forward to continuing to explore the French language and culture with them throughout the year!


Alyssa Marcangelo

Detroit Country Day Lower School

French Specialist PK3 - 2nd Grade

October vocabulary

A print out of our vocabulary words will go home with your child next French class. Click on the links below to listen to this month's vocabulary words. Once you click on the link, you have the option of saving the sound file as an MP3 to your computer for future listening!

Greetings & Conversation:

Color Vocabulary:

Numbers (1-30):

School Supplies:

Numbers 10-100 (by 10's):

Pen pals in Paris!

Click here for Classroom Vocabulary flash cards

Practice vocabulary on the go with Quizlet French vocabulary cards. You can download the app on your phone or iPad, too!