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Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System (BAS) UPDATES

Running Record Kits - CHANGES:

Please note the changes in our Running Record system that will go into effect starting during August Summer Assessments. The Literacy Coaching Specialists will assist you in updating your kits in early June, after Spring Running Records are complete.

The Assessment Kit updates include:

  • More rigorous guidelines for administering, analyzing, and scoring conversation
  • New comprehension rubric
  • Updated assessment guide and recording forms
  • Revised prompts on protocols
  • Updates to student books
  • Expanded Edition of Continuum - more comprehensive.

Resources available for your convenience:

F&P Benchmark Assessment Kit Update - Comprehension Conversation (Video)

F&P Benchmark Assessment System Changes (Notes)

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Comprehension Conversation Reminders:

The goal of the the comprehension conversation updates is to ensure students do not receive an inflated score and the new rubric supports inter-rater reliability for more accurate and consistent scoring. Please note a few of the following guidelines for administering:

  • Focus on having a "conversation" about the book
  • Explain the task: "We will read some books and then talk about them."
  • "Talk about what happened in this story/what this book is about"
  • Read the book(s) prior to assessment
  • Be familiar with the key understanding & prompts
  • Give wait time
  • Be concise in your language
  • Avoid "leading a student to an answer"
  • Only repeat or paraphrase a prompt once
  • Do not repeat what the student says
  • If a student initiates it, allow them to look back in the text (do not prompt them to do so unless instructed to.)

For a complete guide to administering the Comprehension Conversation please see:

F&P Benchmark Assessment System Changes.

Literacy by the Numbers: 2016-17 Reflections

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Writing Units of Study & Professional Learning - Implementation Review

Year 1 Focus: Units & Assessments (Rubrics & Checklists), Workshop Model, Architecture of a Mini-Lesson, Inter-rater Reliability, Mentor Texts, Partnerships, Celebrations, Pacing Guides

Year 2 Focus: Conferring, Architecture of a Conference, Conferring Toolkits, Make&Take Mini-Anchor Charts & Demonstration Notebooks, Continued Inter-Rater Reliability, Pacing Guide: 4th Spiral Introduction

Other Professional Learning Highlights: Balanced Literacy, Student-Centered Coaching, Online Platform (Schoology use for Professional Learning - including discussion boards across our district K-12!) Disciplinary Literacy

**All past Professional Literacy Learning can be found in our HSSD Literacy Schoology Course. Access Code 9S2M3-GGP2P

Looking ahead at the Year 3 Focus: Personalizing and Integrating Writing

Happy Retirement Janet Hughes! HSSD Literacy Coach serving BH & Suamico

THANK YOU for your service:

33 years of teaching

27 years in HSSD: 1st grade/4th classroom, reading intervention, and Literacy Specialist

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