Importance of Characters

By: Lizzie Smith

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace is a great read for learning about character traits. In this book Grace wants to be Peter Pan in her school play but all her classmates say she can't because he is a girl and she is black. Grace has to overcome this huge obsticle that is her classmates judgement. In this book there is a good way of how the plot effects the character. This book will be read aloud during the middle of my lesson.

Is Plot or Character More Important?

I chose this article to begin my lesson about the importance of characters. I thought this was an excellent choice because this article talks about the importance of characters and plot. Without one you cannot have the other. It compares both plot and characters to determine which is "more important." It is not a difficult read and it will be appropriate for sixth graders.


I found this good representation for what characters go through during a plot triangle. By putting on this information on a chart for the visual learners it will really help them grasp the idea of how plot and characters go together. This triangle can be introduced early in the lesson because it is information they need to grasp.
Introduction to Reading Skills: Character Analysis - 2