Mrs. Etheridge's Class News

Field Trip

We went to the Kreher Nature Preserve to learn more about reptiles, night creatures, and their habitats. While on our hike we observed a honeybee hive busy at work making honey. The learners were fascinated with all the bees. The guide explained to us that the bees are not harmful and how much we need them in our world. The learners learned that the bees are necessary to pollinate flowers that can turn into fruit. We all felt a lot less scared of honeybees after learning so much about them.

During our session on creatures of the night, we learned about nocturnal animals and how they adapt to their surroundings to survive at night. Some of the animals we learned about included bats, owls, and frogs. We learned that these animals have to rely on other senses like their sense of smell and hearing to get around in the dark.

Our final stop was learning about reptiles. We learned what we have in common with them and what is different. The learners were able to pet some lizards and their favorite the corn snake. They also put the corn snake on the ground so that we could watch how she moves around.

This trip was a great trip where we learned lots of new things and were able to experience the habitats where these animals live. The learners were very engaged in what the guides were teaching us and they had lots of good questions. It was a great way to end our study on animals and habitats.

Field Trip

Our Last Month of Learning

We are finishing up our school year and with that we have some special learning activities planned. We are going to finish strong by continuing our writing while making a memory book, adding mice to our cornfield, and learning some new math games. Below is a list of the special days and activities that we will be enjoying to continue our learning until the end.

Friday May 6- Bubble Day- We will experiment with bubbles and make our own wands to see which shapes and sizes work best. We will also make bubbles with different materials and see what combination works best to make the biggest bubbles.

Wednesday May 11- Watercolor Art Day- We will be exploring water colors and different ways to paint with them. We will do paintings with watercolors and salt, watercolors and cling wrap, and crumpled paper watercolor paintings.

May 9, 12, 16, 19- Read to the class day- Each Monday and Thursday we will make time for learners to share their favorite book with the class. They can pick one day to bring in their book and read to the class. It can be a book that they read well or it can be a book that they "read" through sharing pictures.

Wednesday May 18- Splat Paint Art- We will be smashing paint colors with a mallet to see what kind of art we can create. We will see if the colors mix and what new colors they create. This will be a messy art day so please dress your child in clothes that can get messy.

Thursday May 19- Heat Sensitive Slime- We will make slime that changes colors based on whether it is hot or cold. We will put the slime on a variety of surfaces and see which are hot and cold.

Friday May 20- Kindergarten Splash Day- We will have a fun day enjoying time with our friends and playing a variety of water activities. All parents are invited to join us for this fun celebration. More details will be going home soon.

Monday May 23- Handprint T-Shirt- We will make T-Shirts with all of our friends hand prints and signatures. Please send in a clean white T-shirt for your child.

Tuesday May 24- Parent Ice Cream Social- We invite parents to come and see what your learner has been working on all year. We will also have a slideshow of all the great things we've been working on and when we are finished we will enjoy ice cream and treats together. More info will come as we get closer to the date.

Wednesday May 25- Board Game Day- Your child can bring their favorite board game or card game to share with their friends. Please make sure to put your child's name on it.

Thursday May 26- Autograph Day- We will spend our last day enjoying time together and writing cards to say goodbye to our friends.

Wish List

As the year ends there are few things we are running out of. If you could help by sending any of these things in it would be appreciated!
  • Clorox wipes
  • Baby wipes
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Paper towel rolls
  • Small cardboard boxes or recyclable containers

Dates to Remember

May 20- Kindergarten Water Fun Day

May 26- Last Day of School