'Río Yí', and the Zoo 'Washington Rodríguez Piquinela'

"Río Yí"

Gift of Nature, this river has not only inspired poets, it is permanent attraction for those who attend the beautiful campground that forms in its wake.

Tourists can find Durazno like the dreamed paradise, because few miles west away from the beach area (El Sauzal), you can capture from the rocks of the coast portly tarariras.

And if you still have doubts, remember that 9 years is done in Durazno, the "Fiesta nacional de la tararira" that brings together nearly 500 fishermen

The Zoo

Variety of animals like monkeys, llamas, goats, alligators, bears, leopards, pumas, a giant aviary, hippos and much more are in semi-captivity, trees, grasslands and watery, an aquarium built on granite boulders, where the water flows like a waterfall, are several things that you can visit in this zoo