Ms Donaldson


It's a miracle!

Friday, March 16th 1973 at 12pm

Wichita, KS

A joy came into the world! My lucky family!

I was born.

The Early Years

I grew up in Kansas. I was an average student. I loved to read, ride my bike, play with my pets and my friends. There was a man that lived in the middle of our block that used to sit on his porch all day. The kids in our neighborhood would be all over the place, but if our parents went looking for us that man could always tell them where to look. He was sweet and had a dog. Sometimes we would sit on his porch, pet his dog and listen to his stories.

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When I was ten my dad died. Things went down hill from there. Junior high and high school were rough. I became a less than average student, but I managed to graduate.

Semi Adult Life

When I graduated I went to college for a couple of years. I liked it, but I didn't like being poor so I joined the military, hoping to get money to go to college. I didn't like the Army much, but I did make a lot of friends and visit a lot of cool places. I developed a love for culture and travel that I may not have learned otherwise.

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More Adult Life

When I got out of the Army I went back to school. I also had a beautiful baby boy. I took a break from school to stay home and raise my son. I was a stay-at-home mom until he was in first grade. I worked at Old Navy. I liked it. I got a nice discount and shopped as much as I worked. When my son was in the second grade I got a job at his school so I be at work when he was at school and be home when he was home. I loved it. I also realized that I REALLY like kids and developed a passion for helping them reach their potential. I went back to school to finish my degree. My degree is actually in Fine Art, not Education.

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To the Present and BEYOND!

Now I am a teacher and I mostly love it. I have finished a year of graduate school to be a Library and Information Specialist (that's fancy for librarian). I took a year off so I could be the best teacher I can be. Next year I plan to go back and finish that degree.

Then... who knows?

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