Jim Crow Laws

Karliah Battle


*Jim Crow Law was passed to seperate balcks from whites.

*this meant that blacks could not attend the same schools', team, or library.ect with whites.

*the facilities for blacks were almost never as equal to white facilities.

*this law was named after an act (play) that was was performed by Jim Crow himself imitating the actions of afriecan americans' and making them look bad.

*this law mainly effected african americans' in ways which they were job less and looked at as disgusting people and you were never to want to be like them let alone befriend an african american.

*the Jim Crow Law had a turning point in 1954,were the court ruled that segregation was now illegal i public schools.

KEY PERSON: i choose Martin Luther King Jr. as my key person .Because i feel like he was a big part of the segregation act due to the fact that he had people on his side with posters protesting for african american rights; as well as malcome x. i feel these to gentle men gave african americans a voice, and they will always and still play a big part in are lives today.


1800'S- Jim Crow passed a law in which denied basic rights to African Americans. This law separated black from whites.

1865- RECONSTRUCTION ERA,which was put in place to improve the lives of African Americans.

1896- Plessy vs Ferguson, this is which whites had once again retaken full control of the South through segregation

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