jupiter's moon,biggest satellite in our solar system


Ganymede was discovered by Galileo Galilei on January 7th ,1610.It was discovered with the other Jovian moons,"Io,Europa,and Callisto"
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Ganymede has three layers. The core has a magnetic field because it is composed mostly of iron.Surrounding the core is an rock shell,this layer is considered the mantle.The final shell is composed mostly of ice .Ganymede's diameter is 3,270 miles (5,262 km).


40% of the terrain is dark and cratered,the other 60% is light and grooved(sulcus).The older layers are older and thought to be the original crust.Lighter areas are newer and smooth.The biggest area was named the "Galileo" region.
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Ganymede's average distance from Jupiter is 665,115 miles(1,070,400 km).Each rotation takes about 7.16 days .Each orbit takes 7.16 days as well.

Interesting Facts

Ganymede is larger than Mercury,but only half its mass.If it orbited the Sun instead of Jupiter it would be easily classified as a planet.Only known moon to have a magnetosphere(a magnetic field surrounding the planet)