Living In a viking Society

By Jake Duregger

(very)Brief Outline

The Vikings were a great and powerful group of people they were smart, organized and great warriors. This Flyer will just briefly outline the five most important things in a Viking society.


The Gods played a big part in the Vikings lives, they gave them courage to do things such as raids. Many things that they did were because of the Gods.

Usually bits of food and/or animals were sacrificed to the gods in order to show the gods that they care.

The Vikings main God was Odin- God of war who had three children who were also gods.

The reason the Gods were so important to the Vikings was because the Vikings believed that the Gods were always by their side, they never felt alone or scared.

Viking food

Food is needed everywhere, these are the things that Vikings ate in their daily lives.

Bread- the Vikings found the recipe for bread while on a raid, it was eaten at almost every meal.

Buttermilk- Vikings made buttermilk, its just like skim milk

Corn- Corn was a crop grown by Vikings, it can then be ground into flour to make bread and other goods.

Lamb- a lamb would be slaughtered on special occasions or if the father had come back from a raid (the same happened with chickens)

Cheese- Cottage cheese was made from using the milk from cows that they farmed

Fruit- berries were common if you were lucky you could find a apple tree and some apples

Viking Jobs

Many jobs were assigned in the Viking society, from boat makers to people who grow crops, the Viking society was very complex. (here are a couple of jobs in the Viking society)

Farmers: Most people worked as farmers but when raids were being prepared became warriors. farmers would grow crops and sell them to people in the villages for clothes and other goods.

Craftsmen: only a couple of people were craftsmen, they made a living by trading with farmers for things they need.

Blacksmith’s: very few people were blacksmiths but were highly valued in the society because of warring culture.

Women: women would cook, milk cows, create bread, slaughter animals and create ale.

There were many other jobs In the Viking society but there were the main ones in the towns.


(I know that this isn’t the warring culture task but I feel that it is needed)

Warring was a HUGE part of Viking life, many raids took place in a year.

Because of this much time and effort was put into making weapons and boats, the Vikings were great fighters, lots of time was also put into training.

Vikings were good In the ocean, they made long ships that were very quick in the water they used these boats to raid villages near or surrounded by ocean.


Everyone needs a home. Vikings had a system is which they could create compact houses with everything they needed in them

What is important?

•1. Jobs

Without jobs in the Viking society it would be very difficult to live because nothing would be organized and it would be very hard to stay alive.

•2. getting food

Generally you need to eat its as simple as that, if nobody ate people would die.


Housing is quite needed, however I believe that having a steady food source and people doing the right thing is more important.


Vikings were excellent raiders. They raided, killed and plundered. They found many new things on raids.

•5. Gods

Gods did play a MASSIVE part of Vikings lives, however I believe that if for a week they had no gods they would be alright.


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