How To Sew A Pillow!

A cute, comfy, easy way to make a pillow!

Steps to Sewing

Have you ever wanted to sew or make a pillow? Well if you have here is how you do it! I can also use this in the world to make a company or just do it for fun! The reasons why I chose to do this for my project is because I love making things, pillows are really fun to put on your bed, and I wanted to try something new since I have never sewn!


Step 1: First, you are going to want to get all of your material in order to make your pillow.

Step 2: Next, you are going to want to pick the fabric you like. Make sure that your thread goes good with your fabric!

Step 3: Get a piece of cutting paper and measure your pillow to the exact length you want it!

Step 4: Then, cut the paper to the exact measurement I did 19 by 19.

Step 5: Next, you draw the measurements on the fabric with a ruler.

Step 6: After that, cut your fabric to match the paper that you cut! Tip: Put cardboard underneath your fabric so that it’s easier to cut!

Step 7:Then, you are going to want to go to the sewing machine and start! Tip: Use thread that matches your


Step 8: Once you have started sewing, you want to sew three and a half of all of the sides! Make sure that when you make your stitch you want to go into reverse and then pull out the string. Tip: When you sew make sure fabric is inside out!

Step 9: After that, you are going to want to stuff your pillow to the max! Tip: The more stuffing the better the pillow. Tip: After you sew flip the sides the right way and then stuff!

Step 10: Then, you are going to want to HAND sew the rest of the half side that you sewed! Tip: If you machine sew it will look crazy. During hand sewing you will need thread and a needle.

Step 11: Finally, you are done! You are free to put designs and doodles!

I am so happy how my project turned out! I love knowing how to sew! So now I can use it in life for a company, for if I have a problem with a hole in a shirt or pants, and I can teach people! It is super fun, comfortable, and cute! Can’t wait to put this on my bed!


  • Thread

  • Needle

  • Sewing Machine

  • Fabric

  • Scissors

  • Paper

  • Measuring Tape

  • Stuffing


  • Stitch- one complete movement of a threaded needle into and out of a fabric in sewing

  • Sewing- to make, repair, or fasten a thing with stitches made by needle and thread

  • Thread- a fine, thin cord made of two or more strands of fiber twisted together

  • Needle- a small, slender tool of sewing, usually made of polished steel

  • Stuffing- soft material used to stuff articles, as pillows, made of or covered with cloth

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By: Gretchen Crouse