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Be2 is a German based company, which provides matchmaking services to its customers. It provides this service through online platform and was launched in the year 2004 by Robert Wuttke. In the same year of its establishment, it has also entered into the markets of Spain and Italy. Be2 has followed the strategy of internationalisation in order to penetrate into different nations for conducting successful business. The success of this organisation is evident from its client base of 30 million registered members in the global context. Be2 also witnesses new membership of over 20,000 clients on daily basis. The organisation has been able to attract its customers through online promotion.


C-Date is an US based online dating organisation, which provides the opportunity to establish a casual association with unknown people, without having any form of commitment or responsibility. The customers of C-Date have the opportunity to obtain all the benefits of a relationship. Although this organisation has started its business process at the US, it is operating at every nation throughout the globe. C-Date has a majority of its customers at the US, contributing into generating huge figure of revenues. C-Date is being highly conscious in maintaining privacy of its customers and for the service providers as well. It has been effective in attracting its customers by using online platforms.


Chatt is a French company, which also provides online dating services to its customers. It provides the scope to its customers to have casual relationship with unknown people. The organisation has significantly grown in the previous few years. It uses social media and other online sources to promote its services to the targeted customers. Chatt endeavoured to target customers of different nations in order to enlarge its customer base. It is worth mentioning that C-Date has been more effective in satisfying customers, who desire for obtaining every benefit of a relationship, without being engaged to any commitment.

Comparison of Be2, C-Date, and Chatt

From the overall discussion, it is apparent that all these online dating site organisations i.e. Be2, C-Date, and Chatt have been growing at a significant rate in this e-business world. Moreover, their individual revenue collection is also remarkably high, however, out of these three websites; Chatt has relatively low customer base and revenue collection. It is also noted that all these organisations have been effective in promoting their respective services through varied online platforms specifically social media. Amongst such companies, Be2 is much effective in attracting huge figure of customers.