dead school girl


chapter 1

AHAHAHAHAH! help me i am being chasted by a ZOMBIE DEAD SCHOOL GIRL!!! if you are thinking how i got here read Chapter 2

chapter 2

So this is how i go here i was at school and my friends Kassidy MISS LYONS pheobe dior lilly and Adem we were at school and it as a ZOMBIE EPOCILEPS we are so scared but then alexis comes in and hugs dior and said DIOR WILL YOU MARRY ME and diors cheaks went bright RED and she slaped Alexis in the face and said YES and i no you would think so will say no but DIOR said yes.

chapter 3

So there was a DEAD SCHOOL GIRL names LILLY and all of my friends said hay we no you your LILLy the dead school girl how died 90000000000000000 years ago. dead school girl yes yum yum time to eat sum brains

chapter 4