7th Grade Year

By: Nicholas Rodriguez

Technology rocks

I have learned a lot in technology. The things that Mrs. Jones taught me will be useful to me in the future. She taught me short cuts that I can do on all of these Microsoft offices. I am very grateful that she taught me things in order for me to be successful.

Math is majestic

Math is very fun. I love doing all different types of math problems. Sometimes i get it, and sometimes I don't. That's why he is here, to help us. I'm very glad that he is our teacher. He is very funny and smart, and for that I'm grateful of him.

History is Historical

History was very fun this year. Coach Torres taught us everything we needed to know in order to be successful for next year. I loved learning about all the battles and different years that different things where made. Like the Deceleration of Independence. My favorite battle would have to be "Bull Run" He taught me a lot of cool things. That's why I'm grateful of him.

Science is Soothing

Science is very fun. Especially at the end of the year. We got to do a big science fair. All of the classes did them. They where very fun, and it taught me a lot of things that i didn't know about things before. But if we needed help on something she was always there. She is very nice and kind. I'm Very grateful of her.

Band is Beautiful

Mrs. Weisgerber is a very kind and cool instructor. She taught us how to get the right sound by moving our lips, and that we needed to push air so we can make the notes smooth.She has helped us a lot over this year, and that's why I'm grateful of her.