Longbranch Family Newsletter

Week of May 22nd

Themed Days All Week!!

Summer Academic Work

Our kids brains need to work out and need to stay in shape just like our biceps or quads do. If you take 8 weeks off from training for a marathon, you likely will not be able to finish on race day and if you do, you'll be sore and paying for that time off. The same is true for summer learning loss. Our kids worked WAY too hard this year to slide back over the summer.

Please have students read for 20 minutes a day this summer. We'd like them to start with their recommended summer book that you will find in their backpack on Wednesday. After that book is completed, please keep reading.

At least once a week, ask students to write a reflection of their reading. What did they read? What character interested them most this week? Or have them write about an experience they had during the week. Students in grades 1-5 are all trained on writing paragraphs. Students in kindergarten have learned to write a beginning sentence, a middle sentence, and an ending sentence. It's not necessary for kids to write 5 paragraph essays this summer. Paragraphs are great.

Also, just a reminder that students entering 3rd grade should know their addition math facts fluently and accurately within 3 seconds. Students entering 4th grade should know their multiplication facts fluently and accurately within 3 seconds. Students entering 5th should also be fluent in multiplication facts. If your child is struggling with either concept moving into the next grade, it will be necessary to practice this summer.

Fluent in math means “fast and accurate.” It might also help to think of fluency as meaning the same thing as when we say that somebody is fluent in a foreign language: when you’re fluent, you flow. Fluent isn’t pausing, stumbling, or reversing oneself.

Summer Office Hours

Beginning Thursday, our summer hours are 7:30am to 3:00pm daily.
We will be closed on Memorial Day and the 4th of July.

Back to School Events

Week of July 31st: Porch Pop-ins
August 1st and 2nd: KinderCamp and KinderCollege
August 9th: Meet the Teacher Night
August 16th: First Day of School

This Week's Events

Parent Leadership Info & Events

Updated: May 21st

Yearbook Photos

WE NEED YOUR PHOTOS! Please send your favorites from the year to longbranchyearbook@gmail.com. Any questions, contact the VP of Communications, Rachel Pearson, at communications.longbranchpta@gmail.com.

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