Pamlico Sound

By Chris Post


Located in North american East coast


It is one of the biggest attractions

its the largest lagoon in the outer banks

The importance of the estuaries is it lets the wildlife thrive and have a natural habitat in which it can sustain life, but human interaction with the estuaries is causing the wildlife to decrease and become endangered



Sea turtles

harp seal

Great white Sharks


Chesapeake bay

Cape Hatteras

Cape lookout


Pollution and littering causes the wildlife to die off leaving some species endangered and in danger such as the sea turtles and harp seals. Approximately 2,600,000 people live in the Pamlico sound waterway. This is a problem because with all these people more pollution and littering will occur unless we put an end to it and throw our stuff a way and stop ruining the estuaries.
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