By:Christian Green

How are deaf people treated?

The people are treated just as the people in America. They don't really get special treat.

How are they educated?

They have deaf schools that teach a variety of signs. Swiss-French(western side), Swiss-German(in the middle so Switzerland), and Swiss-Italian(southern area). They have no schools in the eastern side and any born deaf people have to start at the German or Italian school first.

What is the most common form of communication

The most common form of communication that I found in sign language in face to face encounter. If your talking about in general or overall it's yodeling.

What services are available?

They have something called the VRS (video relay services), also known as Video Interpreting Service or (VIS). It allows deaf or hard of hearing people communicate with other deaf or hearing people. Also they have (VRI) or Video Remote Interpreting.

What is the most common language spoken?

The most common language in sign language and regular speech are both Germn
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5 signs

Do the deaf have more than 1 kind of sign language?

They have 3 different sing languages French,German and Italian