My Smore Flyer



A person chooses drugs and I think they smoke it. They can also get in trouble and get sick and I think you could get arrested. When you get arrested you could go to jail or you can go to court.You could go to prison.

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Bullying is not nice. Bullies are mean and can punch. Bullies can say bad things. You see someone getting bullying you can tell a Teacher or be a friend or be nice to a bullies. Five questions to ask. Who likes to bully? What they like to bully? When they like to bully? Where they like to bully? Why they like to bully? These questions could help take care of the bully.

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People are buying cigarettes and getting addicted. Addicted means someone is into something but will not stop it. Smoking can hurt your body like your lungs and heart and have cancer. People who smoke cigarettes have bad effects. Their breath smells bad. Their teeth are black and broke.

Big image do stop smoking you stop doing drugs you stop bullying