Hard work pays off

Merians work hard and deserve what they earn. Citizens must follow only few laws so choice is a big part of their everyday lifestyle. Citizens have choice of when they would like to eat or the shade of their paddle. Merians are highly respected by our Long Livers because they work so hard and add such greatness to the nation.

Daily life

Everyday citizens serve early day meal, half day meal and late day meal to their assigned Arbian dwelling. That is their only time above land. Other then serving the meals to the Arbians, Merians are not allowed on land.
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Daily nourishment

Merains eat delicious seaweed from plants underwater. Citizens have assigned plants as their nourishment for life. If citizens do not have enough of their assigned plant left they shall be selected for liberation. The plant grows as they do so if split accurately citizens will not run out of seaweed. One year old to four year olds do not have an assigned plants so they must eat off of a member of his or her family's plant
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Everyday transportation

Above is a digital photograph of a kayak. At the age of eleven citizens receive a kayak to be used for serving Arbians only. Other than serving the Arbians kayaks are not useful for the Merians. To get around they swim, everybody must take swimming lessons and pass the swimming lesson in order to become a full citizen.

List of Laws

1. Do your assigned chores for the day

2. Split your assigned plant equally

3. Do not step on land for any reason other then daily chores

4. Do not use your kayak for any reason other then daily chores

5. Do not interact with fellow citizens during work hours

*Punishments include selection for liberation