Invisibility RPT

What does it mean to be invisible? By, Julianna Guzi


Invisibility is when you cannot abandon a loved one, family member living a life that is unimaginable. Reality is sometimes difficult to accept.


what does it mean to be invisible?


-A nobody

-A mistake


In THINGS NOT SEEN a 12 year old boy named Bobby was invisible. A question i want you to ask yourself while reading this. Is Bobby really invisible or does he just feel it because he is ignored, a nobody, a mistake, or is he mistreated by other people.

THINGS NOT SEEN was a powerful book because the author really expressed the characters in the book and there emotions and there "play" in the book and how they take a stand. In the book there was a girl named Alicia she is blind she met Bobby and they both share something that is called being inviable. Bobby is inviable and Alicia is blind that they both don't see things or people don't pay attention to them.

"Homeless Children"

When I discover who I am, I will be free. -Ralph Ellison

Homeless children and adults have not discovered who they are because they haven't even discovered the future yet.

What does it mean to be invisible?

-People think of you as someone that never existed.

-You did not achieve things in life.

In the "Homeless Children" article The children and there mother or father always are moving around from house to house. They will either go to a friends, relative, or not that they live outside they try to stay away from shelter because they can split up the family. That shows that people don't see them everyday they drift more and more invisible. Also, when they get split up they just fell more invisible and now they have nothing. I feel bad for the children that have to walk up with not knowing what will happen today or where they will sleep. It impacts there lives a lot in the text it stated that children will must likely be homeless for the rest of there lives because they did not start a steady work ethic like they don't know how to read, write, math and more. The are not well educated because they did not do the lower grades because of money.

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To see a family not even reachneising the poor. That shows that people look at the like they are diffrent people that the are inviabble. (This video is a test an expample to show what it is really like)

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"The Circuit"

"The Circuit" was about a poor family but they have each other and did have a little money for there kids to go to school or to buy things for there house for the spring. They move house to house because they are Afican-American and can't be seen for to long that sow they are inviable because know one mothers them and they move like ever session. Also, when one of the kids go to school and did not like because he did not know how to red or write but a nice teacher helped him and he did not fell inviable for ones. But when he is finally happy and not fell =i g down they have to move again. Now he fell start from day one again at a new school and if he even goes. He just trounced self confidence a lot.
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