A Classroom Snack

Should Students be Allowed to eat in Class?

Go Snacks Go!

If teachers can eat in class and teach a class, why can't students eat and learn? Students need energy too, and they don't always get enough of it. Some students' schedules are so full they don't have time to eat food.
Food gives you energy and not everyone has time to eat all three meals of the day. Sometimes a meal is skipped because a student is too busy with other things. When a meal is skipped, the student can't eat anything until the next meal which would be 5-6 hours away. Not eating for almost 10-12 hours would not be healthy and would make the student concentrate on their hunger more than concentrating on their class.
Eating snacks during class, as long as they are not disrupting class, can help a student focus more. The student won't be distracted by hunger and will be more alert thanks to the food they just ate. The food can improve concentration making students pay more attention to the teacher and that will most likely boost their grade.
Breakfast is well known as the most important meal of the day. However, many students have to skip it so they're not late for their classes. Not eating breakfast can increase someone's risk for heart disease by 27% and also affects blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and insulin. This means that these students might develop diseases in the future because they didn't have time to eat breakfast and couldn't eat a snack for breakfast in school.
Eating snacks in school can help prevent many diseases in the near future and keep students more alert in school and not so tired. This helps the students in both health and education, and there aren't many downsets to it. In other words, students should be able to eat snacks in class.



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