My favorite 3 projects

By; Kyra


The top three speeches purposes are persuasive, and entertainment. These are the three things that i used in my previous projects that i think you would enjoy and find persuasive. For example top seven reasons why you should buy Nike shoes

my top 3 projects!

1. top 7 reasons to but Nike shoes (persuasive)

This project i learned how to persuade people to buy something like on commercials I've always wanted to know how they convince people to buy things and i finally learned

2. How to speech (informative)

This i learned how to tell people and help them out and explain if they don't understand something to take them step by step instead of not explaining and sitting there and not understanding

3. careers speech (informative)

in the careers speech i learned that there was many different and interesting careers there many different ones that i might actually be interested in and the fact that there were very different options and they gave good examples and gave reason why to.


i learned a lot from these projects. i learned how to make things like how to decorate cookies or how to make puppy chow! These projects are not only fun but they also teach you how to speak in front of people and help out and teach someone something they didn't know how to do. One of the topics or projects also teach you to research things like i had to research why Nikes are good shoes and they tell you to give an explanation. and the careers project i learned that i am getting closer to my future and need to think and learn about that career that i want to do so these just aren't fun they help you succeed!