Super San Diego CA

by: Natalie DeMaio, Faye Durant, Wassim Abdelahad

This week's weather

Good Morning, It’s May 29th 7:10 AM, winds going southeast and blowing at 3 miles per hour. The Temperature is 61.9 °f. Today San Diego is looking good. There is 87% humidity and much moisture in the air but no rain. Today is low pressure. There are many wind gusts bringing warm air and there is a lot of fog. It looks as if it is going to get better though. It looks as if it is going to warm up, but currently the air temperature is still quite cold. As many people know weather is the conditions at a certain time in a certain place. That means it could change any second. There is no sign of precipitation today. Everybody get your sunblock on because it’s gonna warm up.

Deerfield SoundCloud 2

San Diego NWF by Deerfield SoundCloud 2

What impacts our city.

San Diego is a wonderful city. Its geographical features change the weather, a lot. The oceans keep the summers cool and the winters warm. The hot eastern winds from the desert which makes September and October the hottest months of the year. In just one city there are oceans, forests, valleys, mountains, canyons and deserts. WOW!!! That's a lot! The temperature in the desert can change 30 degrees in one day. That’s Crazy. California is a big state, the third longest state in the USA, and it runs at 800 miles from North to South.

How the weather will affect you and others

If it's very hot you should be being wearing sunblock and a hat. Remember your shorts and tee shirts. Flip flops work, sandals and sneakers too. It's super hot out today so get ready.