Come to Minnesota!

A growing territory

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Minnesota is an absolutely gorgeous place, and is possible one of the best places you'll ever see and go to live!

A Better Life

Minnesota is an absolutely gorgeous place, and it's possibly one of the best places you'll see and go to. Come here for OPPORTUNITY, ADVENTURE, and GOOD HEALTH. In a place with land and water of the best kind, surely there is no ague and fever. There are many reasons why you should leave your home to come to Minnesota– one is how much your overall life will improve! People can truthfully say that they do not regret their coming here. There is a big difference, especially for WOMEN!

If you came to the United States looking for opportunity and education, look no further! Your children will be able to attend a school that is taught by Harriet Bishop, an intelligent young woman who moved from Vermont to teach children in St. Paul.


Steamboats are a main source of transportation. They are quicker than travelling by foot, canoe, train, oxcart, and a horse-drawn stage coach. Steamboats not only carry people, but they carry cargo as well. You can easily transport any heavy loads or goods along with you whenever you make a journey.

The country is fast filling up, but there is still room for more!

-Kirsten Calica