The Potter Packet

Happenings in Room 231!

Reader's Workshop- This week was full of The Gingerbread Man! We read two different versions of the story, Gingerbread Baby and The Gingerbread Man. We used these stories, along with our anchor story of the week, A Cupcake Party, to focus on many different skills. We started the week discussing story elements. The students focused on characters, setting, problem, and solution. We also used the two stories to discuss dialogue. The students used the characters from the Gingerbread stories to create their own dialogue. They were very creative!

Writer's Workshop- We continued our unit on Mem Fox this week. The students have read two more of Mem's books and further discussed how she uses feelings and emotions in her stories. We also discussed how she uses repetition in her writing to connect to her readers.

Language Arts- Students learned about synonyms this week. We made synonym snowmen.

Math- We worked on solving word problems using the strategies we have learned in chapter 4! We also reviewed for our chapter 4 test by going on a scavenger hunt. The students took the chapter 4 test on Thursday.

Science/Social Studies- This week we learned more about penguins! The students now know all the penguin species. The students used their new knowledge about penguins to create a nonfiction book about penguins!

In Other News...

  • The core value for December is citizenship! The Kids of Character for this month are Finn and Hayden. Congratulations!
  • Our winter concert went very well! The students sang their hearts out and did a fabulous job!


The next Reader's Chair readers are Finn and Arwa. Vanessa and Akhil will bring in projects! These are due on Friday, January 8, 2016!

Please remember to send in your child's library book every Monday!

Please remember to send in a healthy snack everyday!

Our class has started a Twitter page! Follow us @potterpals231!

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