Architecture for the Novelist

Building a home for the Novelist

Introduction to the Novelist

The Novelist fantasizes about the characters in the books she writes. Like an actor she tries to understand their thinking, motives, and actions. She frequently calls the Carpenter to help her move furniture or change her house so can "get into character". She has a favorite secluded spot outside for writing and reading. It is quiet, cool, and shaded most of the day. There is also a small water feature that helps her relax.

The Novelist has a library running the entire length of her house that she obsesses over. She knows the location of every volume and can identify them from across the room. She has many favorite authors that she uses as inspiration for her own writing. She also has her own writing studio that is secluded from everything else.

The Novelist enjoys talking with the Introvert about books, but he doesn't always return her calls. She doesn't understand his preference for non-fiction. She has never requested a copy of Grey's Anatomy from the Doctor. The Novelist frequently hears from the Narcissist about writing his biography, but she knows he will just eventually do it himself.

Ideas for the home

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About me

My name Wilma Wilmason and I am a writer and book enthusiast. I spend most of my time writing and reading books. #booklife

I love this article!

Just bought this new book!

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@ccecarson just got a follow from me. I love what he is doing at the career center. Great work!


Friday, Nov. 4th, 9pm to Saturday, Nov. 5th, 9pm

3000 Grapevine Mills Pkwy

Grapevine, TX

I will be here, Come if you like books and reading.

About me

1. I started out as a 10th grade English teacher at Flower Mound HS. Then I became a writer!

2. I have a husband and no children.

3. I am a writer and a successful book enthusiast. I write books and love to create elaborate stories.

4.My biggest hobby is reading in my secluded library. As well I like to write stories.

5.My biggest habit is getting a warm cup of coffee in the morning.

My Vacation

I just went on the best trip of my life! Alaska was great! I got a cabin to my self where I could write books and enjoy the nature.
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For the weekend!

I am planning to read the new J.K. Rowling book. All day I will be reading the book. #booklife