Queuing system simulations

Andrey Markov chain described the concept of queuing system

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ExOpen Systems AB (ExOpen) under Microsoft queuing system certification and is a fast growing company Dagens Industri, classified as a gazelle. ExOpen Gothenburg, Malmö representation Stockholm. The company has been around since 1946 and has nearly 40 employees divided into three categories: Marketing, consulting and development. They are decision support systems on the market. It was the first of their Financial reporting in the financial sector, but the main focus of the adds support for independent decision.

They needed a web-based Decision support systems, ExOpen Web reports, developing and according to them, is a subject of great Time. 1.3 PROBLEM Decision support systems queuing system depends heavily on the individual customer and end-user satisfaction, but How quickly, smoothly and user-friendly system primarily depends on. Tolerance levels Increased bandwidth and a fast time has gone down. That is acceptable waiting times Five years ago is not acceptable today. The user base grows, it becomes the primary computer Performance suffers.

Simple mathematical calculations of queuing system
ExOpens complaints received from customers increased significantly in recent years But the employees, customers, performance-related. Today and There are tests to determine where bottlenecks and limitations that many queuing system users at the same time, Database access, and threads. Calculations are based on recommendations The server's configuration and hardware. They are not entirely reliable and ExOpen to obtain more accurate Them. 1.4 Purpose Partly to get credible plan, ExOpen Web reports to measure performance and achieve the objective of Or deny the old mathematical calculations and assessments, and the data that can be Provide recommendations that can lead to performance improvements.

1.5 Case The main goal of the project is to see clearly enough to use simulations and measurements The following factors can produce reliable output: Memory, network, and CPU usage 6 Hard disk and database access For the record, the number of users No queuing system contemporary data accesses Furthermore, recommendations are given: Number of users per server Number of servers (boom) Number of server memory and server processors Book Number Networks and databases Information and Web Server memory settings The metric is a standard tool used to monitor performance. Queuing system Simulation developed a Group Create and store measurement data for any project. Simulations and measurements, after the program, Again that will lead to improvements for future product enhancements.

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