Be Your Own Boss, I'll Show You How

I have an awesome job offer waiting for you to jump on it!!

TODAY AND TOMORROW ONLY - FREE REGIMEN (Valued up to $200) for joining my team!

{Please read this even if you are skeptical about this business. If you are pleasantly surprised, like I was, great! If you still think it isn't for you thats OK! But think of someone you know whose looking to make extra income that maybe this job would be perfect for! I reward all of my referrals and would greatly appreciate it!}

Why I want to share this Opportunity with You

I can tell you tons of success stories... I can show you my customers before and after pics to "wow" you....I can give you true statistics... I can talk and sound like a machine. But in reality... the point I'm simply trying to make is this..

You can work behind a desk, you can answer to someone else, and you can make decent money that way, sure. You can continue to be unhappy making your money how you are making it, going to a job you can't stand (like the majority of this world). OR... you can make a change.

It IS EASY to make good money (couple hundred, thousand bucks doing this)... and it WORTH IT to work just a little harder to make this a HUGE source of income for you and your family. Either way, whether a hobby of yours that you work VERY part time to aid in your shoe fund, grocery money or vacation savings, OR this is a source of your full time income generating anywhere from 1 to 5 to 10 thousand a month, this IS a REAL option for you. If you work this business, it works. Plain and simple.

The "work" is NOT HARD. I share information, I talk to people, I market myself along with the business, and that's it. If you get out of your comfort zone like I did, I promise you, you won't be sorry.

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What is the job exactly?

Independent Consultant for Rodan and Fields Dermatologists.

  1. You own a piece of R&F - the 4th largest Premium Skincare Brand in the country.
  2. You don't have to "sell." I just share pictures and statistics and info.
  3. Don't have to worry where to get the info from - the pictures, charts, info are all provided to you to use at your desire.
  4. Don't have to do parties but can if you want.
  5. Post on Facebook, share on instagram, twitter, whatever you want.
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This is the right job for you if you want to:

  • Have fun & get great skin
  • Create Residual Income
  • Set your own hours
  • Work as little or as much as you want
  • Want to win free trips (San Fran, Maui, etc.)
  • Want to drive your own FREE Lexus
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Just a few more reasons....

  1. It takes little time away from your normal schedule
  2. I am here to help you every step of the way and coach you if you need
  3. If you have time to play on Facebook already, you have time for this
  4. The Company just expanded globally into Canada - What does that mean for you? This brand is going to be a global giant. By jumping on board now, you are securing your spot in the company that is going BIG places (and taking you with them)
  5. Do the work once, get paid for it continually (aka residual income)
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Listen to my call!

For more info on Rodan and Fields and my business opportunity, please take a few minutes to listen to my recorded call. I won't know you are listening or that you even called -- it's just a recording! I'd love to hear from you after you've listened! (see image to the right)

Call Number: 712-775-7089

Access Code: 892507#

Rodan and Fields Business Opportunity Video by the creators of Proactiv


  • You let your fear of failure stop you from reaching success
  • You give it a shot and realize this isn't something that is for you

Solutions to those risks:

  • You can always try this job for 2 months and if it is not for you get a 100% full refund on your business kit (you can even try the business for your first full YEAR and get a 90% refund)
  • Stop worrying about what others think, because they aren't the ones paying your bills or letting you stay home with your kids instead of going into an office job.


  • Get great skin yourself, and help all those you know get their best skin (very rewarding)
  • You create financial freedom unlike you've ever experienced before
  • Can look forward to paying for college funds, vacations, or even retire from your full time job
  • Meet amazing new people and gain new friendships
  • Work towards free trips, free car, and incentives that only YOU as a consultant can get
  • Be proud because you are now a hard-working, successful entrepreneur!
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I am having fun.

I love what I'm doing.

I have never loved my skin so much.

I won't stop til I get to the top and I want people to join me that want the same success.

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Thank You So Much for your Support and Referrals!

My business is built on Referrals. I SINCERELY appreciate anyone you send my way either for products or to join my business team. I'm here to answer any more of your questions! Let's chat or go for coffee, my treat :)