Solar Activity

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Suns layers


- Nuclear fusion occurs here

-27,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit in the core

Radiative zone

- Energy transported through radiation to the convection zone

- temperature drops to about 2,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit

Convection zone

- outer-most layer of the solar interior

- filled with convection currents


Deepest visible layer to humans that we can observe directly

11,000-6,700 degrees Fahrenheit


- Gets hotter as you go away from the sun

- 14,000 - 6700 degrees Fahrenheit


Outermost layer of the sun

Cannot be seen by the human eye unless there is a total eclipse

900,000 degrees Fahrenheit or more


Temporary patches of area where that area is much cooler than the surface surrounding it


A large, bright feature that extends off the suns surface and into the corona

Solar Flare

A brief eruption of tense, high-energy radiation from the suns surface.


A natural, electrical phenomena that appears as reddish and greenish streaks in the sky normally near the north and south poles.