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Friday, October 21st

Thank goodness for those IB attributes...

Caleb is such a special place for a plethora of reasons, but one aspect that I personally love is how the IB attributes help me re-frame my own thinking. Bright and early on Wednesday morning, I reported to the Sacramento County Courthouse as dictated by my jury summons. I, mistakenly, thought to myself, "Surely they will dismiss me. Everyone knows the struggles of appropriately staffing schools." Wrong! Much to my dismay, I was selected as Juror #1 to serve on a trial set to conclude at the end of October.

I, like most adults, immediately considered my own schedule and needs and I am not proud to admit just how irritated I was. However, I thought about what we ask our students to do every day as IB Scholars: meet challenges with an open-mind, stay principled, be a thinker, maintain blance, listen and communicate clearly, etc. After reflecting for a bit, I decided to shift my mindset and welcome the opportunity to serve my civic duty to the best of my abilities, and figure out how to balance my own competing priorities of work, jury duty, and home.

I am so grateful to have folks in my work-life and home-life who immediately stepped up to the plate to offer assistance as I navigated this past week and planned for next week. We have a veteran principal, Susan Gibson, who will be filling in for me on Monday and Friday of next week. Please offer her a warm welcome and hello when you see her on campus. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I will be ferrying back and forth from Caleb to the courthouse. Phew! It will be busy, but spending time with the students in the mornings and at lunch/recess make the day so much more enjoyable. Have a lovely weekend, families!

In partnership,

Principal Trent

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Picture Re-take Day, 11/1

If your child did not get their picture taken in September or they would like a re-take, please notify their classroom teacher. Picture Re-take Day will occur on November, 1st.

Fall Festival

Thanks to the individuals who volunteered to help plan the fall festival 2023 for next fall. We are very excited to offer this event. PTSO needs 4 - 6 more volunteers to support individual tasks for this festival. If you want to share your input or get involved, please reach out to In order to ensure a fun and safe event, we are starting to work out what is possible and how the event might look soon.

DJ Lady Char

As a reward for meeting our jog-a-thon goal, DJ Lady Char will be DJing a very special lunchtime party on Friday, October 28. She is a local DJ with deep ties to our Caleb community and we are thrilled that she will be back to celebrate our students.

Loaves & Fishes

Loaves and Fishes is a local nonprofit that offers a daily breakfast program where guests experiencing homelessness or food insecurity can gather for breakfast and coffee. Our school community will provide the food and help serve breakfast at Loaves and Fishes on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. You can help by donating food, helping to serve breakfast, or both. To participate, please visit or scan the QR code below. Additional details about the requested food donations, drop off location, and location of the volunteer site are provided in the dropdown field below the signup line for each item.
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Red Ribbon Week/Spirit Days

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REMINDER: No costumes on Halloween. Thank you! 🎃 👻