Sajay's Promposal Services

If you're gonna ask her, ask her right

Prom is just around the corner!

Alright guys it's prom season and that means dropping some balls and finding a girl to ask. My services will ensure that you present a truly unique and creative way to ask that special someone in your heart. I guarantee an 80% success rate and I know my statistics because I'm in AP Stats and I got an A last semester.

Drop the posters and leave the flowers!

Come on guys. How redundant, corny, and unoriginal can you get? If you wanna be remembered you gotta do something special. Flowers die. Posters find their way into the trash can. If you want her to blow your head later, you gotta blow her mind first!*

*I do not guarantee any sexual stimulation from your partner nor do I endorse any risky sexual behavior.


If your tired of your boyfriend giving you the same old crappy poster with "Will you go to _______________ with me?" in shitty handwriting accompanied by some half dead flowers he bought from Nob Hill that morning, then schedule him a consultation appointment with me and I guarantee his promposal this year will leave you speechless!
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For a small consultation fee of $10 I can hook you up with an amazingly creative "ask" that will have the school talking for years to come. I promise complete discretion. No one will ever know that I was involved. If your interested, message me on Facebook or send me an email at

So what are you waiting for? You already know I'm creative. I made this flier didn't I?