SeeSaw Cheat Sheet:

Creating Digital Student Portfolios Using SeeSaw

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Setting Up Your Class SeeSaw Page

Setting Up Your SeeSaw Blog (Optional)

SeeSaw has an optional blogging platform built into it that will allow you and your students to quickly and easily publish their work to the World Wide Web.

Having Students Join Your SeeSaw Class

Student Directions for Joining SeeSaw Class

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Adding Items to Your SeeSaw Portfolio & Blog

Options for Adding New Items to Your Portfolio

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Getting Started with SeeSaw YouTube Playlist

This YouTube Playlist I created can be very helpful & informative if you're just getting started with using SeeSaw!

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SeeSaw in ELA YouTube Playlist

This YouTube Playlist I created contains useful videos about using SeeSaw during your ELA Block!

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SeeSaw Activity Ideas

Follow the SeeSaw Activities Pinterest Board!

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App-Smashing with SeeSaw

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SeeSaw YouTube Channel

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SeeSaw's YouTube Channel is full of helpful video presentations & tutorials related to using SeeSaw in the classroom!

SeeSaw Help Center

The SeeSaw Help Center is full of helpful tips, tricks, and activity ideas for using SeeSaw in your classroom!

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#SeesawChat on Twitter

#Seesawchat happens every 2nd and 4th Thursday at 4pm PST to chat with other teachers using Seesaw in their classroom.

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