Techno News

By: Josh Cherba

Technology changing the future

Self driving cars was considered science fiction just a few years ago. Now there will be 10 million self driving cars by 2020. People are also making solar power batteries to charge your phone and holographic displays on your phone.

Virtual reality gaming is also going to come out soon. The concept of virtual reality gaming is that you feel like you are inside the game that you are playing.

Google glasses will no longer be science fiction. Google glasses are glasses that are like a phone, you can see your social media and other apps like navigation and texting. You can also take photos with it.

Ever thought of playing a computer without a mouse or touching the screen? Leap motion can help with that. Leap motion will come out in the future. It lets you control the desktop with just your fingers without touching the screen.

Are Robots Going To Take Our Jobs?

In 29 states truck driving is the most popular job. This job is now endangered to self driving cars. In the US up to 3.5 million people who drive trucks could go jobless if unmanned trucks are made. Other future technologies endanger 47% of total employment. Robots are taking our jobs and getting more advanced. In the future people who make $20 will have an 83% chance of losing their job to a robot, people who make $40 have a 30% or higher chance of losing their job to a robot.

Future socializing

85% of people say by 2020 the internet helped them in a positive way as in meeting people. Some say they met their friends and girlfriends/boyfriends online. One billion people in this world have at least one social media account.

Social means like being nice and likes to hang out with friends and others as well as talk and be face to face. Most people around the world just say it is easier to meet people online or on social media. In the future there will be more advanced devices to help be more "social" to make it easier to meet more people.